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Successful Work Team

About The BCIC Team

A Person First Approach To Professional Services

Bryant Crisis Intervention Center LLC is a multi-facet Intervention and Solutions service. We use evidence-based practices to provide solutions and action plans to companies and individuals; overcoming financial trials, expansion aid, or in need of analysis to discover the perfect next step. Our procedures have been applied to many industries, and we pride ourselves on being able to create a Master Plan that will fit you.

Shenail Bryant Executive Director

Currently working on her PhD in Advanced Human Behavior Research. Shenail is our Executive Director and Founder of BCIC she is young and energetic and always the professional  that has had a successful journey in the research arena from adolescence. Collaborating with Dr. Phillips and underclassmen in developing research program designs, and facilitating behavior health techniques. Shenail has redesigned staffing recruitment plans, Industrial disciplinary action procedures that emphasize behavioral science to increase production and decrease insubordination. Shenails current research is in The relationship of Core Personality with behavioral function but Excels in Master Plan Design. Shenail is also a Life Coach, incorporating these techniques to achieve a better lifestyle and creating goals driven by purpose and individual development. 

Christopher Programs Manager

Christopher Has a Master in Clinical Religious Studies, with over 20 years of Pastoral Counseling under his belt. He balances it with 30 years of expertise in Structural Design. Developing designs for both residential and commercial sites. Managing work crews of up to 15 men. He has been involved with teams to determine industrial plant strategy for production enhancement. 

Tewilder Community Advocate

Tewilder, has the heart to serve the community. She is a diligent researcher and orchestrator of our community events. Tewilder Served as a women's counselor, providing parenting advocacy for 20 years. Setting the standard of young women in group home settings. Here at BCIC, she orchestrates fundraising and funding opportunities to ensure both engagements in the community and resource provisions for those in need.

Community Advisory Committee 

We have a dedicated team of Advisors to keep us on track with our commitment to our communities. And are always searching for others who feel they have something to offer BCIC, if you are interested in becoming a CAC member call in for information. 

Here at BCIC we are family, we take on each new opportunity together as a team. Whether its an analytic based growth plan or re-homing a mom of three children, our goal is always building people to build people.  

Partnership Donation

To receive a monthly newsletter of BCIC community activity, and stay current on community news. Send a $5.00 Donation to become a partner in our community and a 12-month subscription. All proceeds go to the function of our crisis hotline.

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